A grieving daughter's self-heal blog

Welcome to my personal blog, Dear Dad. My take on life, my thoughts, my feelings and my surroundings after the passing of my dear dad. It's raw, honest, opinionated and at times a difficult read. This is my truth. Have a read and all that I have to offer. Perhaps Dear Dad will ignite your own passions to self-heal.



So Dad, I wanted to speak to you about boundaries. Living on your own, before marriage and with your husband after marriage away from...

Early Pressures

Hi Dad, just wanted to get this off my chest! Last year this annoyed me quite a bit and would get me all riled up. It makes me angry that...


During my pregnancy and our move up to the Midlands, you worried about my employment situation. Knowing I was in the process of...

The Beginning of the End

I remember that awful call on the 5th of August 2018. I remember our last conversation, my last moment with you and your last breath. I...



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